Hi! I'm The Iso Psycho

Others probably agree that I definitely am

The Iso Psycho! 
Isopods may be my main focus and might even be my favorite little critter to care for, however, I have a very wide variety of exotic and unique pets and friends that I have the honor to work with on a daily!

I have been full force learning and improving my skills in this area since I was around 17. This life style has kept me going and my passion for it never seems to go away. I love all the nooks and crannies I get to discover every single day!

I have been able to gain experience in Isopods, Roaches, Geckos, Turtles, Tortoises, Snakes, Frogs, Tarantulas, 
and the list goes on and on!









Plus a lot of my customers can't help but fall in love with my big ball of fluff and happiness, Rusko! He's a Shepard Chow-Chow mix and he is my door greeter whenever someone comes to pick up their order! He sounds scary at the door, but he's just so excited to make a new friend or see an old one, he get's loud. But every bark is filled with joy and love, so don't worry!


Every single picture on this website is taken and edited by my team. So every critter you see on this site has been taken care of by us! With every new critter I be sure to do extensive research to ensure the best care is taken for their safety and comfort!

All in all, I can't escape little critters anywhere I go, and I couldn't be any happier about it! If you're not into it yet, I'm more than happy to find you an exotic critter you'll fall in love with and offer you any tips or pointers on how to best care for your new found friend!


Our mission for The Iso Psycho is to help fill in our customers private collection. Whether it be snakes, roaches, tarantulas, and whatever else we offer, we want to make sure everyone gets exactly what they are looking for, for a fair price at that. 

The key word in this is Private Collection. When we place a critter in your care, it is with the intention of them living their full lives as comfortably and securely as one can offer.

It is always our intention to find perfect forever homes, and find you the perfect forever friends that fit your life.

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While I am local, I want to comment on the Iso Psycho's amazing service. This may veer into superlative, but it is very well deserved...

Karsten is an experienced breeder of reptiles and inverts who dedicates full-time attention to his work. To that end, his collection is absolutely mesmerizing. Not only does he offer inverts (I am fond of roaches and Ts) that are hobby staples, he has established colonies of species still not in widespread circulation (I wish I had pictures of his Red Goblin or Extinct-in-the-Wild colonies). When I went to buy a tarantula sling and some roaches, he was kind enough to give me a tour of his facility. I was floored--multiple bloodlines of identical roach species (his B. Giganteus really live up to the name), rare slings, impressive enclosures and supplies, etc. His husbandry is also commendable: all of his colonies are thriving (he took the time to allow me to see nearly all the roach and isopod species) and the individuals are in excellent condition. He seems to have dialed-in the minute aspects of feeding, experimenting with a custom food blend until he got ideal results.

Another noteworthy aspect of buying from the Iso Psycho is his generosity, he is happy to chat at length with hobbyists about minute aspects of care. Along with that, his prices are typically much more reasonable than many comparable vendors. I had to restrain myself from walking out of his facility with everything on the shelves. I only hope that he continues to expand his offerings in the future, since I intend to be a repeat customer.

~​ Philology via. Arachnoboards