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Packages are to be shipped exclusively through USPS overnight or ground (2-3 days) depending on the order. Shipping is offered throughout the US, *legalities of keeping species in particular states is the responsibility of the buyer. Everything is shipped Mondays. **Live arrival guarantee is with all orders shipped overnight. If there is an issue on arrival the buyer MUST notify the seller within day of arrival in order to receive a refund. Photos are required for proof.

If issues do arise within day of arrival and contact is attempted to bring awareness of issue- 3 options are available. 

1) Return animal: Shipping will be paid in full for return shipping by us, and upon arrival full payment will be refunded

2) Exchange: Shipping will be paid in full for both return as well as exchange by us and a full inspection of exchange will be administered and accepted by purchaser. 

3) Keep Purchase: Half of payment will be refunded and purchase will be kept by purchaser

*It is the BUYER’S responsibility to know if an animal is legal to own within the state. Many species of roach are illegal in states such as Florida for example. 

** If destination temp is below 40F or above 80F, it will be marked on hold for a valid live arrival guarantee. Shipping will still be available, however, the buyer must validate approval for shipment to be placed, and live arrival guarantee is not ensured.


Payment Plans will be considered on orders of $100 or more. The buyer must place a $50 nonrefundable deposit. In this case, the deposit will NOT be returned in the case of a cancellation of a sale. Payment plans may last as long as 60 days. The order must be paid, in full, on the agreed upon date on the place of the deposit. If final payment is not received by the predetermined date and there was no communication upon any complications, the animal will be relisted for sale to the public and the deposit will NOT be returned.