Death Head Hybrid
Roach Kit

Death Head Hybrid Roach Kit includes:

Dry Goods

-A 32qt Bin With Vented Lid

-8 Eggflats


-Water Crystals


-50 Mixed Size Red Runners

About Death Head Hybrids

These are more of a collectors favorite. They have distinctive markings on them that can look like a skull!  They breed significantly faster than the true death's heads and typically get larger, sometimes over 3.0 in.
Care for these animals is quite minimal and there is little odor associated with them. They do give off a mild odor if significantly frightened, but the effect is generally brief.
Their care is very similar to the dubia, however they actually thrive best while being kept bioactive, whereas dubia thrive best on eggflats! So for best results, we suggest either the yummy or extreme bioactive upgrade for this kit.