Dubia Roach Kit

The Dubia Roach Kit includes:

Dry Goods

-8 Egg Flats

-A 32qt Bin With Vented Lid


-Water Crystals


-15 Adult Females

-5 Adult Males

-25 Large

-50 Medium 

-100 Small

A Free Care Sheet 
To Reference While 
Caring For Your Colony

About Dubia

These are a go to roach for feeding critters like turtles, tarantulas, bearded dragons, geckos, and other scaly friend! Dubia roaches are a great alternative to crickets for quite a few reasons, they have a higher nutritional value than most other feeders, they are easy to keep and breed, virtually no smell, have a long life, and the get a decent size for almost any insectivore!

Unfortunately, we do not suggest a bioactive set up for Dubia, due to their impecible ability to reproduce. They need the eggcrates for climbing and extra space, and eggcrates and substrate do not seem to mix very well!

For More Info About Their Care, Feel Free To Check Out The Care Sheet We Created for your Convenience!