Hissing Roach Kit

Hissing Roach Kit includes:

Dry Goods

-A 32qt Bin With Vented Lid

-8 Eggflats


-Water Crystals


-50 Mixed Size Hissers

About Hissing Cockroach

Hissers are good roach for collecting and keeping as pets! They're well known and easy to maintain! Especially since they're not pests and do not inhabit human dwellings. These insects live on forest floors, where they hide amidst leaf litter, logs, and other detritus. Thus why we do suggest you get a bioactive upgrade! Possibly either the yummy or the extreme.

If you do use these as feeders, they come in sizes as small as a quarter inch all the way up to three to four inches!
So you could feed your geckos, birds, or bearded dragons with their wide variety of sizes.