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But the truth is it’s easy to get hooked on the great environmental science and joy of vivariums.

There is an essential environmental need to understand the very basis of the food chain and the benefits that it gives as the primal base of any habitat. We specialize in the supporting tools for vivarium habitats like dart frogs and other small terrarium pets.  Good soil with the help of microfauna and microflora builds a stable support system for life because it can cycle and digest organic matter. It is partially through decomposition that nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen cycle into the environment; it gives life.

We have a long love affair with these critters, biomes, plants, and the hobbyists that tend to these often unseen life forms.  Our facility also breeds many different kinds of spiders, insects, feeders, and isopods. 

If you are new to Isopods- it’s an order of crustaceans that includes woodlice and their relatives. Isopods live in the sea, in fresh water, or on land. We think land isopods are the coolest thing. Isopods feel eternally cool because they popped up in the Paleozoic era 300 million years ago and are still rolling (pun intended).


Including Isopods, Roaches, Other Invertebrates, and Tarantulas


These are commonly used as feeder or display. There's an unimaginable variety of different critters that you can browse! If you have something specific in mind, feel free to contact me personally. There's such a wide variety of different critters that are constantly coming in and going out, so it doesn't hurt to ask!


Including Frogs, Geckos, Snakes, Turtles, 

Our Reptile stock is constantly changing. 
From Frogs, Geckos, Snakes, Turtles, and who knows what else, we have cared for and learned about so many different amazingly unique animals!

Honestly, there's no telling what we'll have next.
But One Thing's For Sure: It's Going To Be Really Awesome
You're always welcome to personally message us if you have any questions or interests and we will be in contact as soon as we can! 

Dry Goods

Including Leaves, Seed Pods, Cuttle Bone


Dry goods are amazing for making your little critters happy and healthy! These provide nutrients that their food may lack, and double as a super delicious treat they get to indulge on! We believe our critters deserve nothing but the best and their favorites, so of course we offer the same for yours. Some species enjoy certain treats more than others, which helped us create a nice selection of different things that'll help grow a prosperous colony!


Including Roach Kits, Isopod Kits, Springtail Kits

A lot of people are on a constant cycle of buying certain products over and over again. It can get a little hectic and they fall behind on buying certain things. We decided to offer a chance for you to maintain a constant source of food. Buy a starter Kit, and once everything is up, running, and growing, you can expand by getting other kinds of kits! Customize your colony and make it a feeders paradise!


Packages are to be shipped exclusively through USPS overnight or ground (2-3 days) depending on the order. Shipping is offered throughout the US, *legalities of keeping species in particular states is the responsibility of the buyer. Everything is shipped Mondays. **Live arrival guarantee is with all orders shipped overnight. If there is an issue on arrival the buyer MUST notify the seller within day of arrival in order to receive a refund. Photos are required for proof.

If issues do arise within day of arrival and contact is attempted to bring awareness of issue- 3 options are available. 

1) Return animal: Shipping will be paid in full for return shipping by us, and upon arrival full payment will be refunded

2) Exchange: Shipping will be paid in full for both return as well as exchange by us and a full inspection of exchange will be administered and accepted by purchaser. 

3) Keep Purchase: Half of payment will be refunded and purchase will be kept by purchaser

*It is the BUYER’S responsibility to know if an animal is legal to own within the state. Many species of roach are illegal in states such as Florida for example. 

** If destination temp is below 40F or above 80F, it will be marked on hold for a valid live arrival guarantee. Shipping will still be available, however, the buyer must validate approval for shipment to be placed, and live arrival guarantee is not ensured.


Payment Plans will be considered on orders of $100 or more. The buyer must place a $50 nonrefundable deposit. In this case, the deposit will NOT be returned in the case of a cancellation of a sale. Payment plans may last as long as 60 days. The order must be paid, in full, on the agreed upon date on the place of the deposit. If final payment is not received by the predetermined date and there was no communication upon any complications, the animal will be relisted for sale to the public and the deposit will NOT be returned.


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