Montenegros are one of my favorite isopods! They have a great patterns and they breed fairly fast! In the wild Montenegros are found along the coastlines of the Adriatic sea, spanning from north to south of former Yugoslavia. I have one 2 inch vent in the front for ventilation and I have the front by the vent the dry half and the back the damp half. I keep them on my own substrate mix topped with oak and magnolia leaves with plenty of bark and wood to climb on. Once a week I top off their pile of Repashy Bug Burger and add a blend of fish foods in a different pile. I add cuttle bone, magnolia seed pods and leaves as needed then I add a slice of vegetable (carrot, zucchini or sweet potatoe on the damp end. Last I make sure the substrate is damp enough and dump in some RO water if needed.

Armadillidium klugii "Montenegro"