This Deluxe Isopod Kit has everything you need to set up or upgrade a culture! Pictured is an example of what your kit may look like up and running, as well as each individual product you get with it.


Included in the Deluxe Isopod kit:

-Sterilite 3.1 Gallon Clear Modular Latch Box with 1 metal screen vent

-1 gallon bag of bio active substrate

-2oz red oak leaves

-Dry Food

-2-3 pieces of bark

-1 cuttle bone

-5 magnolia leaves

-1 magnolia seed pod


This size bin works great for a medium size colony and makes a perfect upgrade from my smaller starter kit.


I can also add a screen section in the lid to add maximum air flow for spanish species that prefer a  drier environment for an additional $5. Due to the size of this item it is shipped in its own box, shipping is about $20

Deluxe Isopod Kit