Trichorhina tomentosa-Dwarf whites make an ideal clean up crew in combination with spring tails for many types of bio active set ups. I keep my dwarf whites substrate damp and deep on both sides and do not add ventilation to the bin. Dwarf whites work great in damp dart frog and mourning gecko enclosures and they are even small enough to make a snack for either. Most of the time in a colony they will be under the substrate swarming near the dry food pile, which makes it easy to use a spoon to scoop some up to add into an enclosure! I keep them on around 4 inches my own substrate mix topped with oak and magnolia leaves with plenty of bark and wood to climb on. Once a week I top off their pile of Repashy Bug Burger and add a blend of fish foods in a different pile. I add cuttle bone, magnolia seed pods and leaves as needed then I add a slice of vegetable (carrot, zucchini or sweet potatoe on the damp end. Last I make sure the substrate is damp enough and dump in some RO water if needed. There is roughly 20-30 isopods per cup. 

Trichorhina tomentosa Dwarf whites