Scientifically Known As: Gromphadorhina Portentosa


$5 Cultures of your choice between


-40 Small

-10 Medium


-5 Large


-Adult Trio (Include 2 Female and 1 Male)


Hissing Roaches are in a grey area between pet and feeder.
Some collecters like their vocalizations, but they also provide a wide range of size for feeding.
From nymph to adult, they can feed any insectivore from tarantula slings to a monitor lizard! However, while keeping them, we suggest to place a layer of petroleum jelly along the top inside rim of the enclosure, to keep the hissers from escaping, considering they're pretty sneaky and can walk right up the side of most enclosures! But the jelly helps stop them from getting out.

Hissing Roach