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With our Roach Kits, we wanted to offer a variety of roaches if you're looking to start your very own colony!

Otherwise, if you're just expanding an exsisting colony, we also offer the kit roachless.


We're also very proud to offer bioactive setup options for most of the kits!


If you are starting out a new colony or expanding an exsisting one, you can choose from Dubia, Red Runner, Death Head Hybrid, or Hisser.

These roaches can either be feeders or just simply really unique, exotic, and amazing pets for display or collection!


Each Roach Kit includes:

-A 32qt Bin With Vented Lid

》Only Available For Local Pick Up


-Water Crystals


For a self cleaning Roach Kit

Choose from our bioactive options which include:

$15 for Buggy- Isopds + Springtails (Only Available for The Red Runner Kit)

$25 for Simple- Isopods + Springtails + 1gal Substrate

$30 for Fun- Isopods + Springtails + 1gal Substrate + Bark

$30 for Yummy- Isopods + Springtails + 1gal Substrate + Leaf Litter

$35 for Extreme- Isopods + Springtails + 1gal Substrate +Bark + Leaf Litter


Options Include Dubia, Red Runners, Death Head Hybrids, and Hissers

To Learn More About What The Kits Include and About The Roaches Offered Click The Links Provided


Red Runners

Death Head Hybrids


Roach Kit