Red Runner
Roach Kit

The Red Runner Roach Kit includes:

Dry Goods

-A 32qt Bin With Vented Lid

-Bioactive Substrate 


-Leaf Litter


-Water Crystals


-100 Mixed Size Red Runners

About Red Runners

These are a really nutritious feeder roach that can be fed to turtles, tarantulas, bearded dragons, geckos, and other scaly friends!


They have a high meat to shell ratio containing 77% protein and 14% fat, making them an ideal feeder source nutritionally. More so than crickets, mealworms or superworm larvae provide.


They are also less chitinous than other roaches, which makes them more digestible.

Instead of coming with eggflats, we offer them with substrate and other biodegradable and healthy dry goods! We also offer an upgrade to add clean up crew to make it a fully functional bioactive set up! If you wish to add clean up crew, choose the "Buggy" option under the "Bioactive Set Up"Option when adding this kit to your cart.