So What In The World Are Springtails?
In One Word:
But why are they so appreciated and used in the bioactive world?
Lets Explore Some Basic Questions We Hear A Lot From People Looking For Some More Info On These Amazing Creatures
  • Are they harmful?
  • Are They hard to care for?
  • What are they even used for? 
Are They Harmful?

They feed on decaying roots and fungi and do not harm living plants or animals

They do not bite or sting nor damage food products, clothes, or furniture.


If you wish to get rid of them, it's as simple as letting the soil dry out and watering less frequently.

Are They Hard To Care For?

Springtails LOVE humidity.
Standing water allows to maintain a proper amount of humidity in their enclosure. They're commonly found swimming in standing water, especially if the substrate is too dry. 

There is specifically made commercial springtail food, but they are also just as happy with a little pile of yeast to eat away at as well. Also, don't sweat it if the yeast grows mold, THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT! 

What are they even used for? 

Springtails are the go to critter for managing mold in bioactive enclosures!
That's their main job in the Clean Up Crew Community. However, they also play a large part in cycling nutrients within your soil!

So Once Again...
What In The World Are Springtails?
In One Word: