Do you have a snazzy little pet who would love to be in a Bioactive Setup?

Do you ever get a little tired or overwhelmed with constantly cleaning your snazzy little pet’s enclosure?

Guess What

There’s BUGS that’ll do it all for you!

Bioactive enclosures are made up of live plants and invertebrates that act as a self-cleaning waste disposal system. Bioactive enclosures are increasing in popularity among the reptile and amphibian-keeping communities due to the convenience they provide.

So What Is

Clean Up Crew Even Used For?

Want something that’ll clean up Poop?
Isopods Would Love To Help You!
Want something that’ll clean up Mold?
Springtails Are Perfect For That!
Want something that’ll clean up Dead Bugs?
Buffalo Beetles and Isopods Work Great!
Want Some Dry Goods To Add To The Bioactive Enclosure?

Use these to feed extra nutrients to your Clean Up Crew!

So They Last Longer And Work Harder


Magnolia Leaves

Magnolia Seed Pod

Bio Active Substrate


White Oak Leaves

Essential for growing plants in your bioactive enclosure
Helps remove toxins and odors
Incredible source of calcium for your clean up crew
Adds extra nutrients for your clean up crew
Another option that adds extra nutrients 
Great decor, hiding spot, and nutrients for your clean up crew